"Staring Eyes" exhibition ; hand-paintings vol.2

The second list of the hand-painted works shown in the exhibition at the Mini- Monthly Gallery in Book House Cafe. These works will be shown at the coming exhibition "Petit Noel" (12/8~12/12 at Gallery 219, Omotesando).
Vol.1 is the list of works already sold.
Vol.2 (this page)
Vol.3 (at the exhibition "Petit Noël", Dec. 2023)
Vol.4 (at the exhibition "Petit Noël", Dec. 2023)

black panther & olives
w237mm X h133mm
white elephant & calla lilies
w136mm X h238mm
okapi & the sunset
w142mm X h142mm
zebra & monstera
w142mm X h142mm