"Staring Eyes" exhibition ; hand-paintings vol.3

Here are the hand-painted works shown in the exhibition "5ème Petit Noël" at Gllery 219(ni-iku), Omotesando.
4 works of the list vol.2 are also exhibited. Vol.3(here) is the list of works already sold.
Vol.1(at Book House Cafe, July 2023)
Vol.2 (at Book House Cafe), July 2023
Vol.3 (this page)
Vol.4 (at the exhibition "Petit Noël", Dec. 2023)

reindeer & Chinese holly
w145mm x h145mm
northern white-faced owl & yellow wild iris
w113 x h138
tomato frog & tomatoes
w90mm x h90mm
oriental whip snake & aloe peglerae
w102mm x h82mm
sifaka & auricula primula warwick
w100mm x h125mm
polar bears & the arctic sky
w100mm x h125mm

Also two works from the list Vol.2 (exhibited at Book House Cafe) ; "black Panther and olives", "white elephant & calla lilies" have been purchased.
Two work from the exhibition 4ème Petit Noël have been sold, too; from the series of round ornament, "determined" & "thought experiment"

ø75mm t15mm
thought experiment
ø90mm t15mm