A Lecture on Onomatopoeia

On 27 October, I had an opportunity to talk on onomatopoeia at Shimokitazawa Seitoku senior high school. 2 periods(100 minutes) are allotted for this special lecture, for the students (and teachers) of Global Education Course. As I am not a researcher on onomatopoeia nor a linguist, my lecture was focused on "the international understanding" making use of my experience. Here are (some of) the images that I prepared as a guide for the lecture. I thank all the participants for listening to me earnestly, I hope the non-native speakers of Japanese also enjoyed the time.

In Japan, we use the word "onomatopée" for both
onomatopoeia and mimetic words,
Onomatopoeias can be found anywhere in our daily life. They are catchy, fluid, flexible.....
Mimetic words are hard to explain; let's see "goro-goro" which has several meanings.
There are various onomatopoeias for the food texture "crispy",
"Connect the onomatopoeia to (which you think) its corresponding image"~~~from the questionnaire to the non-native speakers.
Introducing onomatopoeia can be a good start of conversation. Onomatopoeia stimulates to think about the origin of the word.