"Staring Eyes" exhibition ; hand-paintings vol.4

The works on this page are shown at the exhibition "5ème Petit Noël" at Gallery 219(ni-iku), and now they are available at its on-line store.
Vol.1(at Book House Cafe, July 2023)
Vol.2 (at Book House Cafe), July 2023
Vol.3 (at exhibition "Petit Noël"), Dec. 2023
Vol.4 (this page)

argali & fern
w145mm x h145mm
jack rabbit & French lavender
w120mm x h145mm
fennec fox & silk tree
w132mm x h132mm
Victoria crowned pigeon & ornamental pepper onyx red
w132mm x h132mm
veiled chameleon & Japanese snake gourd
w111mm x h111mm
southern 3-banded armadillo & scarlet-ball cactus
w111mm x h111mm