*Here are the prototypes of books unpublished (stand by for publication!);
planned, written, illustrated and designed by kinotoriko
* click the image to enlarge.

CHANGE! make animals have a new look!

Why do animals look like as they are? why don't they have another patterns? The idea has started from this question. I found out some research results (it's an important topic of science!), but before we know them, now let's just have fun!

A Child of the Wind, a Child of the Wave (or, Wind, Wave, and Circle Dance)

Two lines of different colors (orange and blue) are making loops throughout this accordion-stye book ("double" one-stroke). From one side starts a journey of the Wind and the other, of the Wave. They finally meet at the center of the book, celebrating the harmony of nature...... in fact, they have been together all the time.

At the Age of Seventeen (tentative title)

Another "13-piece tangram" composed book, the same technique used on Qui Suis-Je?, first made for the exhibition entitled " SEVENTEEN"(2011). Given the title, I thought the divided pieces would portray the puzzling state of mind of the age.


The book opens like window from both sides, and face each other at the center. Random combinations may stimulate your imagination to make a new story.